Hole 1

The par 4 appears an easy opening hole as long as the first fairway bunker on the right is avoided. The second shot should be hit to the right hand side of the green which will allow the ball to run down to the left and afford a birdie opportunity.

Hole 2

The dogleg-left second hole is a relatively easy par 5. A drive to the top of the hill and good second, favouring the left side will allow an easy pitch and chance of a birdie.

Hole 3

The third hole is a challenging par 4 because the drive and second shots require accuracy and length. The drive is blind but if the player aims for the Clubhouse’s second floor, the shot will allow a perfect line into the right side of the green. Players should be aware of the right hand hollow which stops the ball rolling onto the green. The road is integral to the course and therefore, no free drops are allowed.

Hole 4

Not a long par 5 this hole demands an accurate drive between the two fairway bunkers . Longer hitters may choose to take on the right hand bunker . A good second shot over the bunker that dominates the centre of the fairway will likely result in a birdie but beware of bunkers left and right of the green .

Hole 5

A par 3 , well surrounded by bunkers . The safe shot is to the right half of the green but beware of overclubbing as there is water over the back left of the green .

Hole 6

A challenging par 5 . The tee shot should be aimed at the left half of the fairway to avoid the two large bunkers on the ridge on the right . It may be worth playing the second shot short of the many bunkers surrounding the green . The approach shot is then onto a green rising from front to back .

Hole 7

A wide fairway beckons, after a long carry over thick Heather. Best to favour the right half of the fairway for the preferred line in. Second shot not as long as it measures due to it being downhill to a green which runs towards the water in the famous Hollinwell Spring in front of the men’s 8th tee.

Hole 8

A straight forward hole if you hit the right half of the fairway, but too far right you are blocked out by trees. For the second shot, aim for the left side of the green as the ball comes nicely down from that side. Long is deadly on this hole.

Hole 9

An easy par 3 in theory. Take a club to make sure you clear the front bunker. There is a 3 clubs difference between the front and back of this green and there is usually a breeze to contend with to add to the excitement of choosing the correct club. Tricky slopes at the front of the green make putting difficult even if you hit it in one.

Hole 10

This hole is one of the shorter par 4s, but it is not straight forward. There is an out of bounds on the right. Bunkers guard the front of an elevated, kidney shaped green which falls away to the right towards a lateral water hazard.

Hole 11

This par 4 is set in a slight valley. Any shots straying from the fairway result in awkward stances which help to draw the ball into the green side bunkers. The green slopes from back to front, requiring a delicate putting stroke when above the hole.

Hole 12

This par 5 hole is the highest point on the course with spectacular views towards Nottingham. It is a challenging hole with deep hollows and slopes falling away to the left. To compensate for this degree of difficulty there is only one bunker on this hole and it guards the left hand approach to the green.

Hole 13

The 13th is a long par three downhill, often into the wind. One is always happy to leave the green with a par. It can be a ‘card wrecker’. It is flanked with heather and gorse either side and a green guarded with well placed bunkers.

Hole 14

The drive is from an elevated tee with a slight dog-leg to the right. A good drive misses the one bunker on the right and enables a good shot into the green, however, well placed bunkers across the fairway can catch your second shot.

This is a pleasant longish par 4, slight dog leg to the right. If you hit a good drive, missing the bunker on the right, you can be left with a shortish iron shot in. For the higher handicap, there are well paced bunkers across the fairway that can catch your second shot.

Hole 15

This is a testing par 4. There are bunkers left and right to catch your drive. The approach shot is onto a raised guarded narrow green. Beware the pothole bunker to the right side.

This is a long par 4, arguably the hardest hole on the course. There are bunkers left and right to catch your drive. If your drive carries far enough down the slope, you may be able to have an iron shot in to the raised guarded narrow green, which slopes from back to front. Otherwise you are hitting a wood in. Again a par here feels like a birdie.

Hole 16

This par 4 has an elevated tee from which you can see two-thirds of the green. Need to aim slightly right to allow the ball to roll down into the hollow, a flatter part of the fairway. . The approach shot into the green – over either of the two bunkers which  guard it is difficult as the speed and shape of the green requires an uphill putt to help you get your par or birdie. This is a very fast and indulating green.

Hole 17

With time this hole has become much more sloping and undulated. Bunkers on the left will catch any ball not sent out to the right. There is some room to do this but not much when the “pink” is up.

The second shot you can afford to hit out as no bunkers in range but be aware of the slope to the left . There is a dip (hollow) before the green which flattens. The green is guarded by three deep bunkers (two left and one right) but it is large and saucer-like to allow you to attack with your approach shot.

Hole 18

Standing on the tee you get a good view of the clubhouse and green in front of it. The tee is slightly elevated; very little catches wayward shots.

Aim for centre of fairway for first and second shots which will avoid a large bunker on the right and marshy ground on the left. The wide fairway helps. All the trouble is around the green with bunkers right and left to catch you out and a back bunker on the left. Playing it carefully should reward you with a par to finish (or even a birdie).