We are holding three open events in  2021. The details of each open competition, handicap restrictions and the email address of the organiser of each competition   (should you have any queries)  are set out on the Entry Form.

LADIES 4BBB on Friday 4th June 2021:  for the Entry Form  please click here

LADIES AM-AM on Friday 30th July 2020:  for the Ent ry Form please click here

PLEASE NOTE: the only available tee times left in the Ladies Am Am on 30th July are from 8.00 to 8.50 and these wil l be allocated latest first. However as an alternative as at 17th Feb there are  lots of times available our Ladies 4BBB on the 4th June.

MIXED AM-AM on Sunday 8th August 2021:  for the Entry Form please click here

We look forward to welcoming you to Hollinwell and wish all our visitors an enjoyable day!

Should any entrant have any food allergies  or special dietary needs please ensure you inform the relevant organiser in advance of the competition.