Welcome to Notts Ladies’ Golf Club. We play at Hollinwell  a heathland course  famous for many national championships. Notts Ladies' Golf Club can trace its history back to 1891.

Our relationship with Notts Golf Club began in 1892 and  our separate Ladies Club continues to this day. We have a vibrant playing membership who enjoy competitive and social golf. Our ladies' club has exclusive reserved tee times on  Fridays from 7.00 to 11.15 when we play our competitions or social golf.  We enjoy shared access to the course with Notts Golf Club at most other times except on Saturday before 3pm when Notts Golf Club have exclusive access for its competitions.

We  welcome membership enquiries  from ladies  with handicaps in both silver and bronze divisions.

No joining fee applicable to the first five new adult ladies admitted to our membership in 2024.

We request that if possible  new members make Notts Ladies their home Club.

Further information on membership can be obtained from our Secretary at


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